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Janice Gooch Heritage Consultancy is an Essex based firm that works with property professionals, building conservation experts and private owners nationwide, to preserve the unique architecture of historic buildings.

With our thorough approach and specialised understanding of England’s proud architectural heritage, we help you through development issues ensuring a solid and sustainable solution that works for you and your building.

Our expert, accredited services will save you time, money, and the delicate structure of your building. If you are looking to achieve these goals for your project, please contact me for a no-obligation chat.

We are passionate about buildings, and the rich historic environment in which we all live. With our open and friendly approach, it is this passion that allows us to provide the very best and most appropriate service for you and your building.

Janice has worked with historic and listed buildings for over ten years (from stone-built medieval barns to grand and ornate church buildings), and is accredited by the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) & Chartered Institute of Archaeologists.

Under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), local authorities are required to 'conserve heritage assets in manner appropriate to their significance, so they can be enjoyed for their contribution to the quality of life of this and future generations'. Heritage assets include listed buildings, conservation areas and locally listed buildings.

To undertake this, the local authority requires an applicant to describe 'the significance of any heritage assets affected, including any contribution made by their setting'. These are required for planning permission which effect the character or the setting of a listed building or conservation area and listed building consent applications.

At Janice Gooch Heritage Consultancy, we undertake heritage statements and impact assessments which fulfil these NPPF requirements. These assessments provide background information on the settlement, history of the building or buildings, a Statement of Significance, and an Impact Assessment of any proposed works.

In addition, these assessments can also be used as a starting point for applications of funding, drafting a Conservation Management Plan or assessing future use of a building.

Why Choose Me

I have a strong passion for the historic environment. I enjoy what I do and that allows me to always perform at my best. I have been working with buildings for over 15 years, with the last 10 years working on historic and listed buildings.

I am accredited by the Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) & Chartered Institute of Archaeologist (ACIfA)

I have a broad range of experience working on different types of architectural buildings. They range from timber-framed houses and stone-built medieval barns to modern Brutalist buildings. I work with domestic dwellings, churches, chapels and universities, as well as commercial / industrial and agricultural buildings.

With my unparalleled understanding of historical buildings, their development and construction methods, you can be assured that your project is in good hands.

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