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Focus on the other important aspects of your life and allow Janice Gooch Heritage Consultancy in Essex to handle the assessment and analysis of your historical property.

Below are my previous successful case studies of projects, building surveys, heritage statements and conservation plans. Feel free to download them to learn more details about each project.

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Here are some helpful guides, written by Janice Gooch, you might need to consider before your historic building construction project begins:



Thank you so much for being brilliant. Not only attending the meeting, but offering such a simple and clear way forward. I came back to the office singing your praises and whilst we will not burden you with requests, it is great to know that we have someone so rational and helpful as a point of contact. I am so impressed that the council have appointed a surveyor into the role, and you clearly had all the expertise and knowledge to be the voice of reason.

I don’t want to sound like the Janice Fan Club, but seriously – you were great and thank you so much.

- Fiona Gaskin

I am very happy to provide a personal reference, which is based on my knowledge on the performance of her role from my position as Head of Building at the National Trust.

Janice recently left position as a Building Surveyor within our Thames & Solent Region, where she was based on our extensive estate at Buscot & Coleshill in Oxfordshire. Here she undertook a wide variety of both projects and operational work, as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Typical buildings on the estate range from the Grade I listed Cathedral barn at Great Coxwell (one of only two Cathedral barns in the country) to the 57 tenanted vernacular cottages, many of which are also listed. 

I have always found her to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional, delivering all the work she was responsible for to a high standard and to the appropriate conservation ethos that we follow. She follows the principles of the IHBC in her work and during her three year stint with the Trust this was of great benefit to the estate.

I am sure that her knowledge & the principles she follows would be beneficial to the type of conservation work you are carrying out.

- Head of Building - The National Trust

Dear Janice,

To thank you for attending the meeting of owners at the Tavern on Thursday.

Your calm technical professionalism, ensured a successful conclusion that I doubt would have been achieved without you.

I'm not sure why Graham Meek and Aimee Murphy changed their minds but we're back on track and that's due to you.

Well done!

- Joe of Lyndhaven Court

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